Tuesday, October 27, 2009


"Is it Tuesday again?" I look at these two bright faces looking up at me." surely it hasn't come around that quickly?". Yep treat Tuesday is here. I was sick and tired of being hounded by my children and those on play dates with us regarding sweets, a special treat, ice-cream etc etc that I decided to consolidate to one day. Hence the birth of 'Treat Tuesday'. The one day when they both have open reins to buy something special (with a grand total of $2.00 each). Last week it was a packet of sugar free gum and the week before it was a paddle Pop ice-cream. My little ones know that there is no point hounding us for treat foods (or sometimes foods) on other days so they look forward to Tuesdays. Treats can be a part of children's diets providing they eat the foods that we give them. For mine this includes what I put in their lunchboxes (certainly no treats in there) and what is presented to them at dinner time. If they eat well then I believe an occasional treat to look forward to is fine. i have heard other parents use Pizza Fridays and ice-cream Sundays. it is up to you however we have to make a clear distinction between healthy foods that are important for our bodies and treats that really don't benefit growing bodies. This area has become very grey for a lot of children and I do worry that the sometimes foods are becoming the normal everyday foods. Pester power is hard to keep resisting however it is important as 'Healthy Kids are Happy Kids'

Enjoy TREAT Tuesday.


Kate said...

I had a number of negative comments today from some who believe that children should not be given any 'unhealthy' treats at all. I still standby my recommendations as I have seen too many children revert the other way and over eat these foods when given the option at a party or away from their parents. It is all about balance and teaching children about everyday foods and those in moderation. Thanks for the feedback.

A-M said...

What NO unhealthy treats, are they serious? I'm with you Kate, and speaking also from a Dietetic background, way back before becoming a 'House Creator', I agree children need to be taught moderation and balance. Teach them to love and choose healthy foods but for goodness sake let them enjoy a treat from time to time. They are going to be free adults one day... they are going to have to make choices on their own. Teach them BALANCE. My kids choose sushi, over anything else on offer, as they have been taught to love good, healthy food but they also love a treat from time to time and they know WHY it's a treat. Your blog is full of fabulous-ness. I take something from your posts each and every day... and that's my professional Dietetic opinion, not just bloggy blog friend opinion! A-M xx