Monday, October 12, 2009

11 weeks till Christmas!!

If you are like me and everything runs to a tight time schedule then you won't be surprised that it is indeed only 11 weeks till Christmas. Where has 2009 gone? Those of us living in the Southern hemisphere are starting to feel the sun on the back of our necks and dusting off the shorts and T.shirts that have been packed away for Winter. With this comes the realisation that a few items from last season are a little firm. Maybe they have shrunk? No it is time to shed those few kilos that crept on during the cooler months.
it is not about dieting - it is about putting the right food in, moving a little more and changing a few winter habits.
  • My top tips to shed kilos without dieting
  • Eat every 3 hours - small frequent meals ensure you don't stockpile
  • Have a glass of water before each meal
  • Take 1-2 spoon fulls off each main meal or get someone else to plate up for you
  • Fill half your plate with vegetables or salad (did wonders for people living in Asia and the Mediterranean region
  • Don't drink alcohol from Monday to Thursday and only in moderation Friday and the week end
  • Dont just eat a biscuit or cake because it is in front of you - pick something that has a function for your body - yoghurt, cracker and cheese, fruit, salad sticks and low fat dip
  • get out and move

Give these tips a go before starting any crash diet. remember dieting doesn't work however sensible food choices, less refined food and more fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and lean protein (the pieces of the puzzle that the body needs) will make you feel fabulous.
You have one body - treat it with respect!
Kate x


messyfish said...

but but but...I am addicted to cake!?

A-M said...

Me too! .... but ok, I'll do as you say Ms Kate. It's the removing 2 spoonfuls that is a bit tricky for me as I eat everyone elses leftovers too. Shameful. A-M xx