Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Travelling...be prepared

The last 2 days have been hectic (I think I need to read my last post!) with a quick down and back to Sydney to do some promotional interviews for our latest book. I was the good 'girl guide' and took some snacks with me so as not to be caught out- hungry, with low blood sugars and dehydrated. For most travellers they are eating on the plane or grabbing a quick bite at a convenience store which may not always be the best option. This leaves you feeling exhausted and 'worst case scenario' you end up with a cold or getting sick. Fresh fruit is a great snack however you may have to surrender your innocent banana or apple at the airport! Packets of fruit and nuts (Sunbeam cranberry and macadamia are particularly nice) or a healthy muesli style bar ('Carmen's' fruit muesli bars are tasty and compact) are great to roam around the bottom of your bag for emergencies. Grab some fruit and small yoghurt's to pop in a bar fridge at the hotel and pre-order breakfast as room service so you are not tempted by the visual splendor of the buffet in the morning. This morning my co-author and I had a small juice and muesli with yoghurt which was filling and very tasty, however as we checked out, the restaurant was filled with guests that looked like they were chowing down before swimming the English Channel. Be proactive and don't let yourself get over-hungry and grab a couple of healthy snacks - whatever the situation
great quick snacks for the whole family
  • fruit and nuts
  • wholegrain crackers and cheese
  • yoghurt with natural muesli
  • wholegrain rice cakes with avocado
  • fruit scone with light Philly cheese
  • small smoothie
  • dried fruit and cheese
  • light cream cheese dip with carrot
  • celery with peanut butter and sultanas
  • mountain bread with grated cheese and salsa

Kate x

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A-M said...

"Oh there's the rockmelon, she's on after this"... hubby was so excited and of course so was I (n=1, ribosome, mitochondria, tRNA).. you were fabulous.... looked fabulous... loved your hair (important)... sounded fabulous... great tip on the bananas.. will try that one... and meat tips.... yes earlier meals... so important. I find that if I don't feed little one early, we just miss the moment and he doesn't want anything. Yay...here, here for 'More Peas Please'! A-M xx