Friday, October 30, 2009

Thank goodness it's friday!!!!

The end of a busy week - one can now relax. Friday is fun day in our household, no homework after school, it is all outdoor activities. Go for a swim, scooter or walk to the park. Chop some fruit and serve some wholegrain crackers with light hommus dip or avocado and light cream cheese. Relax and unwind and have some family time.
Tonight we are taking the kiddies out for dinner to give the two cooks a night off. Child friendly places I have found are are Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Fish or Thai restaurants. Remember to order small serves and always order a side of salad or vegetables.

I am taking the week end to catch up on overdue work so will see you all Monday

have a fabulous week-end

Kate x


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I am new to your blog, and I am loving it! Such great tips for my health conscious family. So thanks, and I hope you enjoy your weekend despite the workload!

A-M said...

Have a great weekend Miss K. I am sitting here listening to the blood curdling screams coming from the Halloween party my boys are attending next door (at their fence friends house).... so much for a peaceful break from noisy kids. Inspired by your bloggy blog, hubby and I had BBQ'ed atlantic salmon and salad tonight... I did say, while stuffin my face... Auntie Kate would be so proud! A-M xx