Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I cannot believe where the last week has gone (let alone the last year!). As we march towards Christmas I feel like we are all trying to cram so much into each week. Trying to do everything may cause some aspect of your life to fall apart and believe it or not this time of the year is notorious for challenging your physical and mental health.

My top tips for gaining some balance back:

  • Plan your evening meals and check that you have all necessary ingredients at the beginning of each day
  • Don't make things too complex (see my easy Barbecued salmon steak recipe below)
  • Take 2 snacks to work or when you go out(fruit and nuts, fresh fruit and yoghurt, crackers and avocado
  • water water water - don't just rely on hydrating with coffee and tea
  • take a walk at lunch time or take the kids for a wander to the park in the afternoon
  • Delegate jobs - you don't have to do it all
  • Take time out for yourself (read a book or magazine, see a movie - I saw "Mao's last Dancer" last night - wonderful movie, even shed a few tears!!!
Yes it looks easy in print -but take a few minutes to re-assess your time (I did which is why I haven't blogged for a few days- but I am back!)

Pupil free day here with hubby on a day off- I think a nice relaxed breakfast on the deck sounds delightful!

Kate x

Salmon steaks
600 g Atlantic salmon cut into 4 steaks
Cajun spice or seasoning of choice
100ml plain low fat yogurt
2 tablespoon lemon juice

Mix the yoghurt, lemon juice, and teaspoon Cajun spice in a bowl and set aside.
Lightly season one side of the salmon steaks with the Cajun spice
Lightly spray the cooking surface with oil
Barbecue or pan fry until cooked through

Serve with a green salad using rocket, baby spinach and bean sprouts and drizzle with a sauce made with extra yoghurt, lemon juice and chopped fresh coriander.


A-M said...

OMG, 'Kerry Anne'... I am sooooo proud of you Miss Kate. Are you on tomorrow? I will put an announcement on my blog! A-M xx

bella MUMMA said...

hello hello
thank you so much for your kind comment...
i've just added you to my fave blog list - and put a little link on the bottom of my post you commented on!
best wishes
nikki {bellaMUMMA}