Sunday, October 4, 2009

Back to school

The party is over and it is back to school (for us Queenslanders anyway!). Two weeks of flying by the seat of our pants has gone by so quickly. Spontaneous lunches and throw together dinners are now a thing of the past as routine returns to normal. Don't get me wrong I do love waking up and relaxing for the first few hours over a leisurely breakfast or suggesting a walk to the shops to pick up some fresh bread or a few sushi rolls. However routine is something my children love and they are looking forward to seeing their friends again. The one black cloud that hangs over most parents heads prior to the first day back is the thought of filling the dreaded lunchbox every single morning. The thing that destroys us is the fact that it can come home untouched or even unopened. Don't despair let me give you a few handy tips for the box

Fill with 5 items only (it is not a fishing tackle box!!)
make sure there is at least one piece of fruit (cut up ensures it may be eaten, rub lemon juice onto apple to stop it going brown)
use wholegrain bread or half grain/ half white for the sandwich
Pack frozen water or frozen plain or low fat flavoured milk in the box to keep the contents cool
Add cheese to the sandwich or have some grain crackers with cubed cheese
pack some chopped carrot, celery, snow pea or baby corn with a dip (hommus, cream cheese or avocado dip
if you bake use wholemeal flour, dried fruits and add baby rice cereal such as farex or iron fortified breakfast cereals for iron.
The kids love my cereal slice for their lunchbox and are happy to have a healthy lunchbox especially if it tastes good. Good lunch with back to school tomorrow
Kate x

Cereal slice
1cup dried fruit
1 cup self raising flour
1 cup dates (or try a mixture of dried fruit)
1 cup cornflakes (you can use any cereal in your cupboard)
125 g almonds(omit if nuts are an allergy risk)
125 g butter or margarine
1 cup brown sugar
1 egg (beaten)

Add all ingredients together, mixing well.
Line a 25 cm shallow pan with baking paper. Press mixture flat in the pan
Bake at 170 ‘C for 15 -20 minutes until golden.

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A-M said...

Oh this recipe is just what I have been searching for in my hunt for a muesli bar solution (I hate them). Will call you tomorrow. Sleep tight! A-M xx