Friday, October 23, 2009

Sushi and pasta - the perfect combination

The Med-Asian revolution is here. For years we have secretly known that people living in the Mediterranean and Asian regions of the world have better health profiles and longer life spans. Their diet definitely plays a huge role in conjunction with regular incidental exercise ( you don't own a car in Tokyo or Rome - let alone drive one!!) and strong family values - eat, play and stay together. If you opened my pantry and fridge you would see staples such as olive oil, olives, capers, tinned tomatoes, soy sauce, wasabi and Nori- not to mention basil and coriander (if anyone can tell me how to grow this frail little herb I would be forever in your debt!). Two of the easiest meals I prepare for the family are pasta and sushi (master J and Miss R had their school disco tonight and they both went off with a belly full of sushi - whipped up in 10 minutes. it is one of the easiest and healthiest meals or snacks to prepare (try my recipe below). High in fibre, omega 3's, low in saturated fat and full of vitamins - you simply can't go wrong. for those who are not sure about sushi you can make a westernised style using plain avocado, cooked chicken or cucumber in the Nori rolls - however try some raw fish you will be pleasantly surprised by the lack of a fishy taste!!

Happy to say that I introduced Miss AM to the wonderful world of sushi! My claim to fame


Kate x

Sushi – avocado and tuna
500g cooked short grain rice
1 table sushi vinegar
5 sheets seaweed
wasabi (optional)
fillings: cooked or tinned tuna, grated carrot, fresh cooked prawns, marinated tofu, cucumber, avocado, lettuce, sprouts, carrot, asparagus spears

Pour vinegar over cold rice and mix thoroughly
Place seaweed shiny side down and spread with thin, even layer of rice leaving 3cm of one end free
Place desired fillings in line about 3cm in from the other end
Gently roll into a pipe starting from the end with the filling
Slice with a wet knife
Serve with soy and fresh ginger
*kids can help to roll (purchase a bamboo mat and cover with glad wrap -it makes the whole process so easy!)

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A-M said...

I still remember my intro to sushi. It was in a little restaurant in the Valley, wasn't it? I remember you coaxing me to take small bites of a salmon nigiri, Kate. That was a looong time ago! I haven't looked back. I would have sushi at least 3 times a week now, make it twice a week for my boys. They choose sushi over every other meal I offer them. If I said Macca's or sushi, they would squeal SUUUUUSHIIII! A-M xx
PS Remember that Sushi party you had for all of us... and the rice on our feet?