Thursday, October 29, 2009

Healthy summer BBQ

There is nothing nicer than the smell of a weekend barbecue wafting through the suburb - so why leave it till the weekend?. Why not have a barbecue during the week; It is a great way to cook, healthy , cheap and quick meals whilst keeping the cooking smells outside (for the neighbours!). I particularly like cooking fish and seafood on the BBQ plate or grill - the taste is Divine and the fish does not dry out. Be careful how much you cook your meat, chicken and fish as the very blackened parts are not healthy and may contain harmful elements increasing the risk of certain cancers.
Thread prawns, scallops and some textured white fish onto skewers with vegetables such as capsicum, cherry tomato or sweet potato. Brushing with simple marinades such as lime juice, olive oil and sweet chili sauce adds wonderful flavour to seafood. Served with a side salad of baby spinach, rocket, capers and Greek feta is not only delicious and healthy - it is faster than a takeaway!
Try my prawn kebabs (the kids helped me thread them - good to see they come in handy at dinner time - gorgeous things!)

Garlic prawn skewers

24 green king prawns (shelled leaving tails in tact)

8 wooden skewers pre-soaked to reduce burning (thread 3 prawns per skewer)

thread cherry tomatoes and water chestnuts as desired

Lime juice, olive oil and crushed garlic (for basting)

Place skewers on grill plate or barbeque and baste regularly until prawns are cooked through.

Serve skewers on rice or salad with sweet chili sauce

Kate x

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