Thursday, December 3, 2009

A very windy day

Again I ask the question....where does the time go. Sorry for those of you who are following my blog and have seen me disappear into the abyss! I have just had the most extraordinary work load leading up till Christmas. I have put some of my own advice into practice and some things have had to go on the back burner. However I am back and looking forward to the holidays.
This leads me to an issue that many patients have come to see me about.....WIND. I have had adults and children complain about excess wind and wonder if there was anything they could change. Not only is this extremely uncomfortable but can be a tad embarrassing when it escapes......(I have had Master 9 and Miss 6 in hysterical stitches in the pool and bath over whose bubbles are bigger!) Busy lifestyles and not eating well (including fruits, vegetables, lean meats and low fat dairy and not drinking enough fluid can all lead to a sluggish, bloated bowel and belly. There are also a few foods which produce extra gas
  • Baked beans (don't need to be a rocket scientist to discover that one!)

  • broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage

  • apples

  • artificial sweetener

  • legumes, including hommus
Try to eat every 3 hours to help move the bowel so gas doesn't become trapped and go for a few walks around the office or street during the day to move the gas. Painful bloated stomachs occur at the end of the day when we have sat down for many hours.

Remember gas is just your gut bacteria fermenting undigested fibres so is quite normal unless there is lots of it, it has a very strong odour or you are in pain. See your doctor if it doesn't improve.

back again tomorrow

Kate x

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