Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday is Tuckshop..To eat or not to eat!!

I love what I do (Dietetics that is) as I travel the same path and have many of the same issues that the average parents encounters. We all deal with issues such as coping with pester power for daily treats or being hit up for play dates at school pick up time (one of my all time favourites...!). As a mum you sometimes feel like you are a Sargent major leading an army of one, constantly on alert for up and coming battles at every turn. there is no exception when it comes to the tuckshop. We have tuckshop on a Friday and I offer my services to help a few times a term. we have the tuckshop menu stuck to the pantry door and I have highlighted the items they can choose. This seems to work well however i had to be firm and put my foot down when it came to crisps, coloured mineral water and choc chip cookies!
In October 2005 the healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools was released which provided benchmarks for offering healthy food and drink choices to students in school canteens and tuckshops. Foods and drink are coded Red (lacking in nutrients or contains excess fat , sugar or salt), Amber or Green( healthy) according to how often (if at all) they are allowed to be supplied to school children. By July 1 2006 implementation of the Smart Choices Strategy was mandatory in all State Schools. This ensured that children were being exposed to and encouraged to make healthy food and drink choices.

Tips for making better tuckshop choices

  • toasted sandwiches that contain some sliced meat or cheese for protein or thin crusted pizza or small serves of pasta (my childrens favourites)

  • avoid fizzy coloured drinks and choose a milk base drink that has a lower GI

  • leave choc biscuits and crisps for parties

  • get them to try something new such as a wrap or sushi
Remember the tuck shop is an extension of your pantry- lets not disguise it as the local seven eleven!!

have a great weekend

Kate x


A-M said...

Toasties and sushi are our tuckshop staples and only for big lunch...I'm a Sargent Major too! Play date can't come soon enough for my boys.....withdrawal symptoms! A-M xx

Amanda said...

I like your idea of highlighting the allowed choices on the tuck shop menu. I guess it's a constant battle trying to make the healthy food exciting. That's why this blog of yours is so fantastic!! Enjoy your weekend Kate.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED the tuck shop menus in New Zealand SO much more then what we offer here in the States. My oldest son always had wonderful healthy choices and now his Middle School (Intermediate) serve PIZZA everyday! (Among other choices, but lets be real..most of those kids are choosing the pizza) Oh yeah, and I hate to admit it but I'm one of those mums who get off school grounds before we can be hit up for playdates as fast as I can! ;-D Bad I know!