Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Food Food Glorious Food!!!

Where did that time go! I am so sorry I have not blogged (as I said I would!) however a bug in my laptop would not let me send mail...all communications down!
I have just spent the most magnificent 9 days travelling around New York and it was not what I expected. I was looking out for a population of overweight and unfit people living off fast food and junk! However what I saw was people out walking, running and taking all modes of public transport to and from work, or enjoying a run or Ice skate in central Park; Very little evidence of the overweight crisis the world seems to be enduring. There are corner stores everywhere selling fresh fruit (3 bananas for $1 or punnet of blueberries for $1) and vegetables (these stores have essentially disappeared here in Australia or are generally hard to find - and we have sadly replaced many of these with supermarkets). There were slightly larger mini markets selling everything from cereals to fresh salads, cheeses, meats and seafood. My favourite was a place called Whole Foods (above), which is a chain with the most beautifully presented produce you have ever seen- I am such a foodie! When dining out the meals were a very reasonable portion and I didn't ever feel like I had gorged myself to finish every morsel. When walking around I didn't see a fast food outlet or soft drink dispenser on every corner - however water was available out the front of most stores for 90 cents. As you can see it has opened my eyes and even though New Yorkers are only a very small percentage of the total population of America - it was still very refreshing to see them embrace health.
No it wasn't all food- we managed to jam in Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller, Ground Zero, The MET, Central Park, Times Square (saw the Yankees beat Philadelphia) and a show on Broadway with Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig (whoa!)

I used my travel tips to get me there and back (see previous blog) and so far have suffered no jet lag (flew in yesterday) or weight gain - so must be doing something right.
Highly recommend New York (and the friendly New Yorkers) if you ever get the opportunity.

I am off to work this morning- packing my fruit, yoghurt, tuna and crackers - see you tomorrow
Kate x

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A-M said...

Oh you're back Miss Kate. Wonderful. Your trip sounded fantastic. I am so jealous of their food set up. Corner stores with fruit! Yes you don't realise how much we are paying for everything here in Oz. Can't wait to catch up. Sushi lunch this week? Riverbend? Withdrawal symptoms. A-M xx