Saturday, December 19, 2009

6 whole days to go

Christmas is a fabulous time for fun, family, relaxation and ...........eating. I sit here in my clinic this morning having seen a number of people who have walked in with their heads hung low. Their blood sugars are out of whack, their weight has gone up and they are generally feeling exhausted by all the social functions and gatherings that they are 'having' to attend. Tough time this "Christmas stuff".
The main question on peoples lips? How do I get to January unscathed?

Well, here's a few tips
1. Have a big glass of water or soda water before you go to a function and have a glass of water between each drink- (remember a drink is equivalent in kilojoules or calories to a piece of bread). Better still give yourself the job of designated driver (you will feel better in the morning!)
2. If you have a few courses planned- choose entre and dessert or main and share a dessert
3. When in doubt - cut half out (you don't have to finish everything no matter how good it tastes)
4. Take a healthy platter of food with you when invited somewhere- healthy doesn't have to be boring.
5. Christmas day is there to be enjoyed - it's not the 'last supper'!
6. Try to move more. Take a swim in the ocean on Boxing day (or go skiing for my Northern Hemisphere bloggers), a bike ride on New Years day and simply a twilight walk whilst on holidays.

Enjoy the week leading up to Christmas

Kate x


Anonymous said...

Great tips, thanks Kate! I think I'm going to need them....
I can't believe this last year has flown by so fast, it feels quicker every year. 6 days! Nooooo! I hope you have a great week too, and a very Merry Christmas.

A-M said...

Can't SMS back... I have such a tragic phone. The boys had a wonderful time. Mr K has decided that R is now his girlfriend and Mr B said, "J is so cool, it's like we are the same age". So wonderful that you followed up on our little French thing.. it will be treasured. Shopping after Christmas is the go! Have a lovely day with B and J'bo. A-M xx

vicki archer said...

The best advice Kate...Now the hard part sticking to it! Have a wonderful Christmas, xv.