Thursday, December 10, 2009

Run out of time for breakfast?.......I think not!!

3 of my clients yesterday said they are simply running out of time for breakfast! By the time the kids are fed, lunches made, morning jobs done and some where in there getting ready for work- not to mention the quick 5.30 am run or 1/2 hour walk for time left to refuel.
There is no excuse for not having breakfast even if it is grabbing a piece of fresh fruit or a tub of yoghurt before you dash out the door. It still astounds me that there is a percentage of kids that head off to school without breakfast!

Eating breakfast
  1. Stimulates the appetite
  2. Stops you over eating at your next meal
  3. Provides energy and stamina for the morning
  4. Helps keep the bowels and intestines in good order
One of my favourite summer breakfasts is bircher muesli. Preparing it the night before and adding a few dollops of yoghurt the next day makes it quick, easy and tasty. My kids love the soft texture and taste using varieties of flavoured low fat yoghurt.
Bircher Muesli (serves 2)
1/2 cup natural muesli
2/3 cup no added sugar fruit juice (i like cranberry)
4 dollops of low fat flavoured yoghurt (blueberry gives a lovely flavour)
Soak the muesli in the juice overnight
In the morning divide into 2 bowels and add yoghurt, stir and eat

Enjoy the last day of school, mums and dads!!!!
Kate x

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