Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New year 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL. Now I know you all think I am slack that I haven't been regularly blogging but I have been out doing some ground work investigating peoples needs and what they are looking for when they visits blog sites such as mine. Recipes and ideas for dinners, kids and family meals and lunchboxes were popular, however many people that I spoke to over the holidays said they were simply looking for motivation to stay healthy themselves and set a good example for the rest of the family. Sounds good to me - however hear is where it goes pear shaped.......New Years resolutions!!! Many of us feel the need to stand up at around 12.01 on New Years morning and make some outlandish statement that they are going to 'ride the Tour De France' or 'go on a crash diet and lose 30kg' or 'run the Boston marathon having never run before in their lives', when they clearly have not thought it through. Huge goal setting usually ends in 'under-achievement' and destroys motivation.

Here are my tips for making changes to your lifestyle in 2010

  • Set realistic goals- if you want to exercise more, speak to someone in the know like a personal trainer or someone at your local gym (just don't outlay hundreds of dollars before you have thought about the commitment)
  • Make small changes - giving up alcohol for the whole of 2010 may be too big a step, try cutting down to drinking only 3 days of the week with 4 AFD's (alcohol free days)- you will be at least saving a few hundred calories per day
  • Lead by example- kids won't eat fruit if you don't. Make sure you have healthy fresh food accessible to little ones and reduce the number of packaged biscuits and snacks. Try some easy recipes with the kids to get back into the kitchen. is a great website for recipes or you can find my cookbook at
I read in one of Frances Whitings articles in the Brisbane Sunday Mail that she had taken up running and wanted to complete a 10km run . I think this is a great goal (unlike a 42km Boston Marathon!!!!) and it motivated me into doing a little more as well. I started walking and 'trotting' a bit whilst on holidays and have to admit I feel great!

Remember start small and build up.

have a great day
Kate x

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A-M said...

Well hello dear Kate. Happy New Year! Great tips here... I'll take any recipe you throw at us.... although last time I tried to print out a 'great Kate recipe', I ended up with a copy of your whole bloggy blog. I've exercised every day since Jan 1st... how's that!... I'm exhausted... someone....anyone...dee make me a coffee! A-M xx