Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Treats.....why so much?

Many of you will suspect that I am obsessed when it comes to the amount of treats and lollies we are filling our children with. I am certainly not here to take away all little children's pleasures however lollies and empty kilojoule or calorie foods are becoming such a regular occurrence in the average child's diet due to the amount of 'excursions' or 'outings' we are taking them on. We did the school holiday trip to the movies on the weekend (let me just clear that I by saying that I dropped hubby and the 2 kids off to see that screeching 'chip monk' movie whilst I grabbed groceries and early birthday presents...........I am sorry it's just their voices are like nails down a blackboard to me). Whilst waiting in line for their tickets I was amazed by how many little children were dragging their trailer load of treats to the door of the cinema (two little girls had to hand over their handbags to their older siblings so they could both take a side each of their pop corn bucket - it was so large it could double as a toy caddy later for their bedroom!). My children's faces looked like a scene from 'Oliver Twist' where he is handed a piece of bread and told to be thankful! I put a few things in a snap lock bag which included some grapes, a bit of air popped corn and a freddo frog. That to me was quite enough for a 2 hour movie after which we grabbed some sushi from this fabulous sushi train right next door to the cinema (their request mind you!). The measly treat bags were forgotten as we chowed down our tuna and avocado rolls however in the car ride home the little one says what a lovely day it has been 'cept sometimes it's a bit yukky having a mum who does Dietitian stuff...............Ouch!
Enjoy the rest of the school hols everyone
Kate x


A-M said...

Oh you are such a good Mum Kate. I love the balance with the Freddo! I think the longer I have been away from Dietetics, the worse I have become... hence the 65kg... ha!!!.... I must admit I do let them do the lolly thing at the movies but I do not have ANY junk at home as the resident ex-Dietitian can't be trusted with whole packets of Tim Tams and the like! Yes, free next week. Have traddies here for a couple of weeks but I think I'll leave hubby to supervise them. A-M xx

Fabulously french said...

You are very good Kate and admit that I was too until I started living with a chocolate lover. That said we do not have any in the house as chocolates and french food are proving to be a lethal combination :-)

Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog, we live in SW France in the Dordogne which is 5 hours from Paris and about 6 hours from Provence - we can recommend accommodation if you have not found any yet :-)

Suggest that you email me with any
A bientot,


Digella said...

Im sad to say I have let me good habits go into hibernation over the last year.
Im angry with myself now, but it was peer pressure!
Not from my children but from the man I moved in with and my step children. Instead of letting my good food habits dominate, I let it slide the other way! Three years ago my kids considered sultanas to be a treat, now a king size kit-kat is the norm. (please know I'm not really bad ok!)
Thank you so much for giving me that reality check I needed.