Wednesday, September 16, 2009

School Holidays the break we need to have

Well we are in the home straight of the school term 3. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter (no more lunchboxes, racing out the door at 8.30 armed with musical instruments, cowboy outfits, school camp notices and helping in the tuck shop...........) however with holidays comes the big spend on TREATS. I don't know about you but I have the constant nagging and huge pester power from two very good negotiators; "but your honour- we made our beds and cleaned up, surely that means we deserve a bag of mixed lollies at 10.30am!". Holidays to them spells fun and the hope of lots of treats including those of the 'non nutritional type!' Now before I hear you all groan and say "she's such a dietitian- those poor children" it is important to try to keep some sort of healthy normality during the school holidays. The way we have maneuvered around the topic in the past is set designated day for treats - namely "treat Tuesday". I have also sourced a few "treat type foods" for the holidays such as the cupcakes in the picture. They are blueberry muffins that have been iced so they look good, taste good and are better than plain cupcakes.

Top 5 tips for school holiday eating

1. take fruit skewers (pictured) and muffin skewers to friends places

2.pack healthy breakfast bars or snack foods from home to take to the movies, skating or bowling

3. remember kids need water not all the sugar ladened juices and softdrinks so take a bottle of iced water from home.
Enjoy the holidays - We are off to the Adelaide hills for a farm stay - however I am afraid of horses so this should be very interesting!!!
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A-M said...

Guilty - I have put together some lolly bags for 'little ones' birthday on the weekend. I didn't even think about holidays meaning more treats... of course they do.. and you'd think that I would know better. I am going to make a tremendous effort these holidays to look after my boys beautiful have inspired me with this one Miss K, Annie xx PS those fruit skewers are spectacular.

ness lockyer said...

Hi, I have been sent by 'Miss Annie". We are struggling with a 5 yr old who stopped eating fruit and veggies from about 2. He used to LOVE them...broccoli being his favourite. We eat loads of wholegrains and coming from a family of Chefs, our meals are a good mix of simple foods to very snazzy ones.
The problem being how do I get said child to try anything thats good for him? My Husband is waiting on a Kidney transplant and I am trying to start the boys (another who is 3 and eats it all) on the right track as we dont know if it is hereditary or not. At the moment I am grating veggie etc into his food so he is none the wiser and adding whole pieces to his plate and we have started the new rule of "You cant leave the table until you have tried one each of the veggies"...sometimes it works. I am lost for ideas.
Ness xx

Kate said...

Hi Ness, do you know I didn't have the answers until I met the co- author of "More Peas Please", who wrote the chapter on getting them to try something new - stop the battle. She essential takes them step by step (even picking up and putting down and bringing new foods to their lips). I have seen it in action and it works (often making mum or dad shed a tear (mostly out of pure frustration!!!!). Grating the veg into savoury dishes is spot on as it changes the taste of the food so they don't move towards bland white foods.Grating into chocolate cakes (which some people do) is not a good idea as all they will eat is sweet treat! Ness there are so many different reasons why they are not eating some things. The number one thing at dinner time is the meal is too late and their appetite has gone. Try bringing it forward by half an hour. Start with one day they will ask for more