Thursday, September 24, 2009

Drinks- the good , the bad and the downright ugly!

To drink or not to drink ........................or what to drink?

What we drink these days is creating as much confusion (and health problems) as what to eat. Firstly we need our water - the general recommendation is 6-8 glasses per day (more if it is hot or you are exercising). For our kiddies under around 5 years of age I use the rule of around 125ml per kilogram body weight. So a 10 kg child needs about 1.25 L per day. The diet provides some of this fluid from foods such as fruit, vegetables, yoghurts and milk so they don't have to slug down 1.25 litres of plain water. For older children and adults the rule is 45-55 ml fluid per kilogram body weight.

Sorry to say I am not fussed on soft drinks, juices and cordials all moonlighting as something we need! Juice and soft drink believe it or not have the same kilojoules (calories) which often means a similar sugar content! (see link from Jessi at re 'soda taxes in the States')
Now for the bad news for 'us adults'!. For every latte, cappuccino or flat white, you can be consuming the equivalent of 1-2 pieces of bread! One a day is plenty (make it a skinny) or have a long black with a dash of milk.

The news is not much better when it comes to alcohol (I hear groans...) 120ml of wine/ red/ white or bubbles is a piece of bread. So watch the amount you consume.

Remember water, water, water for us all and water and milk for the children and young adults (reduced fat if they are over 2 years).
Remember World School Milk Day on the 30th September

Kate xo


A-M said...

Great advice Miss K. Yes cordial, soft drinks a no-no so I preserve my calories for that red wine at the end of the day, only 120mls though, as per Miss K's instructions! Ha! It's a constant battle for me! You are a such a strong spirit, I have the 'reckless guts' gene, I'm sure!... Did you get the big red storm down South? A-Mxx

Melissa@Vidastyle said...

Thankyou, excellent information. I have always wondered how much water to make sure my kids are drinking. This helps so much!