Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Peas Please!!

For anyone out there who has a finicky eater or knows a famliy dealing with a child who fusses with food at mealtimes - you will know how completely frustrating the whole process can be. I have been working in this area for over 10 years and have had countless families through my practice doors, ready to pull their hair out (or someone elses!!!).
HELP IS AT HAND! No it is not about making pretty hair with grated carrot or hiding broccoli in chocolate cake........................it is about uncovering the reason why and providing the solution. Some examples are; their food has been blended for too long, their meals are too bland with not enough texture, they are constipated and/ or filling up on millk or juice or they have a complete fear of trying something new due to poor chewing, choking or difficulty swallowing and breathing at the same time.
I have just released my third book co authored with Dr Julie Cichero (Speech therapist and feeding and swallowing expert).This is a must-read guide to finding nutritious solutions for fussy eaters from first foods that won't be spat out to lunch box fixes the envy of the playground. Whether your child avoids whole groups of foods such as vegetables and meats or flatly refuses to try something new, "More Peas Please" explains the reasons why and is filled with easy solutions.

Check out the link below to see me chatting with Mel and Kochie about the book on Sunrise.




A-M said...

Hi Miss Potate, I am doing a post on your fabulous book tomorrow... and I knew you when you were no-one! Love ya, mean it, miss you already. A-M xx

Lisa said...

Hi Kate - Your book may be the help I need for my 10 y.o. son - who does indeed avoid whole food groups and, well practically anything with flavour. Strange really as his two sisters eat EVERYTHING from Blue cheese to spicy thai meals...I will let you know how we go after trialling your advice for a few months. Good Luck with book sales - I am sure you won't have any probs.

Romana said...

Hi! I look forward to getting a copy of your book - it could just help provide me with some ideas to help my fussy 2yo (who also has global developmental delay, inc. speech). All the best with your latest release!
Romana (via Miss Annie,A-M :) ).

Annie@A View On Design said...

hi there my 2yo is terrible at eating at meal times. we def still give him too much milk (because he demands it) and that is obviously not helping... He's so picky, one day he wants cereal (3 bowls of it) then he doesn't want any for the next week - really bugs me!