Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dining out - wedding indulgent

Ahhhh! what a beautiful day. My sister (the bride) looked beautiful, the day went off without a hitch - a spectacular country wedding (although I froze in the open aired horse and carriage ride back to the reception centre- it was about 7 degrees Celsius!). The reception was brilliant and I especially loved the way I plonked myself down at the table and various people brought me drinks and food from 6pm onwards.........however I watched the whole 'over-indulgence' reveal itself around me. Canapes, bread rolls, entre, mains, dessert, chocolates, wedding cake!!!!! not to mention all the drinks that were showered per table. By the time most people consumed their fill there were cries of 'I can't move' and 'I can't possible dance'. One of the most common questions I get asked in my clinic is how to moderate myself at parties, conferences and social gatherings? Yes it is hard to say no when you are hungry and when it is being brought to you every 5 minutes and it is free!!

My top tips to avoid overindulgence
1. Eat regularly through the day so you are not famished when you reach the party
2. keep a track of the number of pre -dinner nibbles and stick to a maximum of 5
3. Ask for a large glass of soda water or plain water to hydrate yourself before your first alcoholic drink, and drink one in between each alcoholic drink
4. Choose Entre and main or main and dessert (you don't need all three)
5. Leave a few mouthfuls on each plate (remember the serves are there to satisfy a six foot athletic male - so unless that is you, you don't need it!)

Enjoy being waited on but not so much that you need to let out your belt or undo your top button under the table.........

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A-M said...

Oh it sounds like it was so indulgent. Great advice! ... pity I'm not a six foot athletic male.... I so love my food. A-M xx