Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year 2016 to you and your families. Well I am now mother to a teenage boy and a pre- teen girl....phew.....where have those 5 years gone? I am now even more passionate about the health of our next generation and hope to bring you a wealth of practical and evidence based nutrition information from my 23 years of practice and 15 and a half of being a mum! 
I like to make things simple and practical as these days we are so busy and stretched for time that we don't have hours to read through lengthy articles for helpful information. Thanks for joining me. Kate x

Choose water as a drink!
Having just spent a glorious week at the beach I was surprised to see so many kids drinking liquids other than water! Whilst the occasional treat can be ok it is really important not to give our children excess sugar contained in these drinks. Cordial, soft drink and 'slushies' are being consumed on a daily bases for many families and young bodies are not being hydrated properly. Even fresh juices and smoothies in their enormous sizes provide way to much sugar and energy (calories). Remember to pack water bottles with your sunscreen whenever you go out or better still freeze one over night so it's icy cold for your day out. How much water do you and your family need see

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